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2022 Mid-summer Fun Here in Southern Spain

Lots of things have happened since my last update to this blog. Firstly after an abysmal August in which it was pretty much too hot to do anything – I splashed out on a new Samsung S22 Ultra smartphone. We also moved on our old black run-around car in favour of a Renault Cleo (which needs a little work but looks like it was a good buy – see further down). Not new I may add, we bought it from a dealer just outside of Granada.


The trip itself was interesting, we’ve not been to the city of Guadix for some time, so on the way to Granada, I took the opportunity to grab some photos for my Google albums, one of which you see above, coming into Guadix from the Motorway while travelling south.

Our "new" car

We did little in Guadix except to stop by a small mid-town cafe for coffee before heading down to Granada where we picked up the “new” car.

Given the cost of fuel right now we decided to spend a couple of nights on the outskirts of Granada and discovered a couple of new-to-us restaurants – nothing Indian (Granada is a little lacking in that area) but Maureen was certainly happy with where we ended up.

Maureen scargill enjoying our short break in Granada

Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting for a good star-filled, moon-free night to push the 100MP+ camera in the new phone – my very first attempt is below – I should stress I could only actually see one planet and maybe a dozen stars which says a lot for the lens and AI in the S22.

Nighttime in Galera summer 2022

While in Granada we spent much of one day in the brilliant science museum which has so many interesting features I could not cover them all on Facebook and certainly can’t in here but just to give you some highlights, the tower complete with giant ants is just the beginning. I’ve also included a link to the relevant photo album.

The Granada Science Museum

Then we went through the various indoor parts of the attraction which frankly is as good as anything I’ve seen in other parts of the world including the USA.

Near the entrance were everything from science projects to old cars, statues of various scientists and so much more. There was a pretty basic robot on display but then, that’s a very fast-moving area of tech – talking of which, they had examples of computer tech from well before my time, through the kind of kit I was using back in the 1980s to modern equipment.

They have all SORTS of stuffed animals in really well-designed sets, appearing to show them in action, in hunting packs as well as individually.

We then looked at loads of fire-fighting equipment and exhibits of the kind of kit which Spanish firefighters have used from generation to generation.

Then, we went onto the undersea exhibits – a massive set of aquariums – I got some of my best ever shots just by carefully avoiding glass reflections – Mo has taken lots of her own photos and mine are up on Google Photos. If this looks interesting – take a look – there’s much more in my photo album of our trip.

Returning from Granada we had our pal Simon visiting us here in Galera for a few days – great to see him after 3 years (thanks to Covid for that delay).

Visit from our friend Simon Swords

All of that went by far too quickly and life returned to “normal” here in Galera (well, as normal as this year’s summer heat would allow) with our town square becoming surprisingly quiet as the tourists started heading home.

Galera early September 2022

Next, early September, as Maureen was heading back to the UK to work on our latest house project, I just happened to sell some of my gadgets to a pair of chaps in Elche (on the way to Alicante airport to drop her off) and that was interesting simply because we’ve never actually been into Elche before and both buyers were pleasant to meet. Anyway, here’s the Alicante-Elche trip photo album.

And now, I’m back home, all alone, playing with my new phone and my (hopefully) fantastic new “PowerEgg X” AI Camera/Drone – a great perk of being “retired” and writing – documenting that for the tech blog will take me days – getting to grips with flying the device even longer.

PowerEgg X AI 4K camera/drone

Meanwhile Maureen is back in the UK, no doubt enjoying her time with friends and the grandkids while checking out her own “new” Samsung S21 Ultra phone.

2 Responses to “2022 Mid-summer Fun Here in Southern Spain”

  • Peter Scargill:

    Hi Gary

    Not done drone flying yet, I seem to have a gimbal issue, the company came back to me quickly but need a video of the issue – I can’t video the issue AND control the drone at the same time as I only have my Samsung S22 Ultra to do video – so I’m awaiting for the boss to return from her UK trip at the weekend at which time I’ll create a video, hopefully resolve the issue then get out with the drone before it starts to cool off…



  • Gary:

    Hi Pete. Sorry to see you confined to barracks. Your artwork is looking good so far. Will watch with interest. As you confined yourself to the cueva, did you do some drone flying? We had one fly down our side of the valley on Monday but couldnt see the pilot. Here until the end of the month so if you need owt, drop us an email.