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This is Peter and Maureen Scargill's Spanish website. We live in Galera in Andalusia (for clarity, that is the English spelling - Mid-Spain they spell it Andalucia and pronounce it "And-a-loo-thee-a").

We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

Find out more about this by reading through the blog entries, menu-accessible pages and archives if you're interested! Welcome to Peter and Maureen's Spanish website.

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Hottest July on Record Except in Northumberland

To escape the heat in Galera (fine until July but then particularly hot – see photo below) we decided to go to the UK for the back-end of July and early August while, simultaneously, UK friends of ours stay at the cave.

End of July 2023 weather in Galera - HOT

While it’s not COLD in Bellingham (Northumberland), it IS drizzling a lot as usual. Hence instead of sitting outside enjoying the weather, I’m sitting in here while Maureen is coffeeing with a friend.

End of July 2023 weather in Northumberland - sunny mornings, miserable otherwise

Spending a lot of time in bars and restaurants here is out of the question, thanks to Covid and Brexit which together with rampant opportunism have jacked up UK prices far more, I suspect than those who spend all their time here realise.

Mid-2023 Greggs Steak Bake pricing - utter rip off

I’ve seen prices well over double what they were just a couple of years ago and… well, a tale for another day.

The house here is quite new for us and I’m making good headway toward getting the electrical basics up and running. Got dehumidifiers sorted, temperature monitoring and broadband in-hand and more – but will a long way to go and I only have another 12 days. Wish me luck

3 Responses to “Hottest July on Record Except in Northumberland”

  • Peter Scargill:

    Habland/Excom used to do 2 rates for years but now deny this. We used to go to slowest rate when not here, highest when here. That option is dead. no many other options without paying the full amount all the time. IF you can get a decent 4G sigal where you are, youll be pleased to know that the companies Ive recommended do not hold you to contracts.. and you can start at just a few euros depending on how much data you need. With the proviso of signal strength – and assuming your phone isnt locked to some provider, you can just get a SIM and use the hotspot feature. OR you could buy the router I recommended on Amazon and put the SIM in that. It really is that easy.


  • Isabelle Durand:

    Good morning,
    I have been looking at your posts and dreaming of Galera..we were there in March/April and bought a house there.
    We are coming back for two months mid-September to mid-November and are wondering what is the est way to go about getting Internet if possible for two months…
    We are Canadians and intend to go back and forth a couple of times a year (Ihave family in France), and are not interested in phone connection or tv..j
    We just want the best Internet possible, and it looks a little difficult.. -)
    We are i located in Calle Collado Bajo..
    I have been asking around but you seem to really know what needs to be done..:-) if possible, could you give us some tips? Thanks so much!
    Looking forward to spending time in Galera once again..:-)
    ? Isabelle (and Lyall)