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All Change: 4G+ Lower Pricing in Spain

Mobile Operators

Elsewhere in here I’ve gone into detail about our struggle here in Galera with broadband, starting with the takeover of “Habland” broadband company who then became “Excom”, renegged on promises of fibre to the extremes of our village, denied that for years that they had always offered a variable rate for dish broadband users etc…. it’s a long sordid story fully detailed here. After much well-documented research I decided to move to 4G+ for our broadband – again detailed in the link above – so here’s an important update:

I originally tried various companies for 4G+ mobile – with 5G being spotty or unavailable in our area. 4G+ can manage speeds of maybe 150Mbps/sec download depending on signal strength and with a strong signal makes for viable broadband at a cost well below that of Starlink and avalable in those areas where fibre seems impossible.

The companies over time I tried include Simyo, Hits (virtual operators) and MANY others – most of which offer “unlimited” 4G+ at the top end but who in reality have fair use policies meaning “unlimited” is not unlimited. Ultimately I settled on Digi for “broadband” i.e. (almost uniquely) truly unlimited 4G+ data at €25 a month + Xenet (who’s “unlimited” offer €21 a month is in fact limited to 300GB) for my phone and as a backup – the tariff I chose for Xenet is €14/month for 140GB max, an ideal combination for me and the two companies have worke well for others I’ve advised. Before anyone comments – Movistar and Lycamobile prices are higher.

Changes for 2024 include pricing changes for Digi – who have NOW (recently announced here) reduced their UNLIMITED account to €20/month – apparently without penalty and automatically applied for existing customers like me. Interesting given inflation in all other walks of life…..

Digi unlimited

So, short summary – for me at least, Digi and Xenet continue to offer the best combos – but where Xenet have not made changes for 2024, Digi have not only reduced their €25 offering to €20 but also changed their lower offerings, making them more desirable even than Xenet for limited data with the changes shown below:

Digi pricing

I plan to transfer my phone number (without penalty) from Xenet (€14/month for 140GB) to Digi (€13/month for 100GB which accumulates if unused – unlike Xenet) with an overall combined saving of €6/month also slightly less but potentially more (accumulating unused) mobile data. Interestingly, Digi also continue to offer an unbeatable bottom-of-range price of €3 for 3GB

I hope others find this information useful (I only stress that you should check signal levels in your area before adopting 4G+ for broadband). I’m not in any way in the pockets of either company.

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