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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Filling in a Rainy Day in Galera

Martian city

Today is undoubtedly the WORST day for taking photos we’ve had in months here in Galera, Granada, but then it’s a good day for the plants.

As I couldn’t take any photos and nothing else is new (my wife is in the UK, most of my village companions are away and I’m in-between new gadgets) and having done my shopping and jobs for the day, I went off to play with my latest AI fascination – MidJourney. I did my best inputting the text I’d like to see turned into art – ok job but it missed off the airships I asked for – looks like artists are safe for a little while longer.

“Imagine a city on mars with airships, highly detailed, immersive, volumetric light, realistic, big trees, dramatic lighting, saturated –ar 9:19 –test”

As for the city – I guess that might be a city in the background.

It seems some artists worldwide are up in arms that they have competition (just as clerics were no doubt unhappy when the masses learned to read and write – vinyl record lovers used to claim digital would never be as pure as vinyl and artists who use paint used to go mad about people using computers and digital brushes – will they ever learn). I see lots of people are simply using an existing image and asking for alterations. I start from scratch and leave it up to the AI with my request (probably why I got no airships).

Once this is cracked, I foresee complete video segments entirely generated from a text description, just as it is possible to generate general computer programs from a rather restricted, stylised version of natural language – and hopefully soon we’ll be able to say “Earl Grey – HOT” and have a nice cup of tea emerge – if you don’t know what means, you maybe don’t watch enough TV 🙂 He’s back again for series 3 soon.

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