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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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The Trip to Mt Sagra

Mt Sagra

Well, we set off as planned off to Puebla De Don Fadrique and after a brief look around went up the long and winding road to Mr Sagra. I have to say, the road is narrow and windy and takes you all the way around the back of the mountain and ultimately back into the backend of Huescar, but it’s worth the trip – especially at this time of the year, the colours of the trees out there contrasting the blue sky and mountain were tremendous. By the time we got to around 4,500ft the temperature had dropped from something like 17c to 10c!

We don’t get colours like this in the UK and according to Maureen it’s something to do with sugar and the sun – but the result is entire trees almost glowing bright yellow, or orange and in some cases red – absolutely amazing colours.

Amazing colours of treesThe round trip took most of the morning and then we stopped off in Huescar for coffee, Galera pizzeria for lunch and then back to the cave for Maureen to do some gardening work – which I repair the second bust sat-nav of the week, this time, Maureen had a replacement phone – and when we re-installed the navigator on it, we never thought twice about it until now…. it wanted a licence key. Got back here, put the key in and then it wanted an upgrade key. Not having that I rang up support who told me that we had the wrong maps!! So, right now we’ve half way through the download…   it’s a good job we have unlimited (if a little slow) broadband here – the download is 1.2 gigabytes – about half of the monthly allowance of some mobile devices!!  Had this been our only sat-nav and we’d been on mobile broadband, that would have kyboshed some of our travel (though I have to say by now I can find my way around pretty well without it most of the time).

By tonight, the download (and my unfeasibly long iPad backup) should be done if the electricity holds up (failed twice today, just for a second but long enough for me to lose the connection). Today was warm but not super warm, tomorrow promises to be better.




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