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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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“All in it Together” My Backside

Southern Spain has been in lockdown for the last few days and we can’t visit other towns and villages – much the same as many other towns and villages worldwide. That means that any thefts right now are most likely local in origin and sadly even an epidemic has not stopped some people being UTTER assholes..

For anyone who thinks “We’re all in this together” – a reality check: sometime late Saturday (October 31, 2020), it seems that three asswipes stole an unusual design of solar lamp from our small “garden” up at Calle Ceuta on the outskirts of Galera. See photo below.

7-LED solar lights

If any locals notice a new light like the one in the photo – which may be bright and can be pretty much any static colour) we’d really appreciate if you would let us know so we can take appropriate action. In the same area (Calle Ceuta) as our property – at the same time, several jointly-owned inexpensive solar lights were stolen as were lights from our neighbours across the road. It seems that the same people caused property damage to neighbours over the hill from us at Calle Huelva. Up to now it SEEMS that the culprits were neither English nor Spanish but possibly had Dutch accents – that has yet to be confirmed.

As for our colour light, I originally reviewed this as I’d never seen this particular model before (absolutely NOT locally available) and around June 2020 one of these was stolen – shortly thereafter I replaced it with an identical model which has been in operation since late July.

There is no “grey area” about our property line – this was theft, pure and simple – in both cases, someone who needs SEVERE punishment – came up or down the stairs, leaner over or even came on our land outside and stole the lamp.

We will of course look out for our stolen goods appearing in the area as well as watching for any sales online or in markets – but any assistance would be most welcome.

Meanwhile, to anyone local reading this blog entry – while on the one hand we are always pleased to meet new people and make new friends – ANY unauthorised entry onto our property by strangers will now be treated as potentially criminal and anyone found wandering in our area without good reason will be challenged – with humble apologies to those visiting with honorable intentions.

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