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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Night in Castillejar

musicCastillejar is a small hamlet in the Huescar region, less than 20 minutes drive from Galera. Last night having bought tickets to a cheap night out, we headed off there with friends.

The bar, Bar Pizzeria los Mellizos, is well hidden away off the main street in Castillejar (which has a population of well under 2000 people) and so in all these years we’ve never seen that particular bar before, though we have been to a couple of the bars in that town which are very nice. This event turned out to be a little different to the norm…

When we arrived at the pub, everyone was of course outside – just as well as the bar internally is quite small.  The beer and wine were no better or worse than anywhere else – but the pizzas were very nice indeed. Clearly the staff were overwhelmed with the number of people as two of our pizzas went astray and we ended up getting them half an hour after the other two!

Music was fine and the people friendly.  It seems that on Tuesdays they do a special on the pizzas so we might find ourselves back there for a quiet night. As you may know if you read the blog, the Channel 4 people have been hovering around the area for some time how, firstly doing video of local caves and the Galera Hotel and also generally taking scenes around the area and so there they were last night with the camera. You could see throughout the night that some folk were making the best of this commercial opportunity.

ITV Camer

The show will come out later in the year and as we were absolutely not on the ball, the most you’ll see of Maureen and I will be in the background. Amazing how things can change in a year or two – there was a time when they’d never have escaped without me getting a word in on camera. Anyway, we had a nice evening, met some new folk including a couple where the lady was from Jarrow! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, the Northeast of England is always there.

PergolaAnother hot night – and I mean hot – our friends dropped us off in town and so by the time we got home it was approaching midnight. I sat outside in the Pergola for a while checking the stars, at temperatures the Northeast of England would be lucky to see mid-day and things are set to stay like this for some time. Thankfully, cool shelter is always at and in the cave.

Between a nice evening and some successful techy project work during the day, not to mention an excellent lunch with Maureen at the park in Huescar, not a bad Friday at all. Today is likely to be much less eventful.


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