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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Trip to Murcia and my favourite supermarket – Carrefour – not to mention a full car boot

Friday I was up at 6am finishing off the fly screens, catching up on some web work, then working upstairs to fit yet another bathroom appliance. The sunrise was superb – far better than the photo to the left implies… funny thing photos, they don’t always catch the atmosphere. I’ve lost my panorama software and the company don’t do web downloads!

There are quite a few Brits here – most of them seem to have dogs so we get lots of conversation – everyone seems friendly, many are retired or semi-retired. This morning I have to meet the delivery folk in town to guide them here – a decent chair for the main room and the all-important computer desk (the stuff is plastered all over the kitchen right now) then we’re off to Murcia – a trip to Ikea and my favourite – Carrefour. The drill bits that came with my B&Q special drill collapsed on first use so a new set was added to the list.

Place still looks a tip – the builder didn’t come back to us re: the jacuzzi so it’s still sitting in the wrong place – with it’s concrete base taking up more room. Murcia was an eye-opener – I was not that impressed by Ikea at all – indeed, the compact fluorescent lights we’re putting up were over twice as expensive as in the UK Ikea – so next stop (after filling the car to the brim) was my all-time favourite – Carrefour. At the lighting budget section I found 2-packs of 15w compact fluorescents for just over 4 euros – and so bought a boatload of them – got them back here – excellent – the colour is identical to “standard” and they’re even brighter than claimed.

The 2-hour trip back from Murcia was fun, we could not see a thing out of the mirror – as ever square inch of the car was full of stuff. After the power-failure the night before I made sure we picked up an uninterruptable supply, Carrefour had a pack of several hundred drills for 9 Euros which I simply could not resist – and I’m sure Maureen bought every cup, plate, glass and shelf known to man.

Last night we heard a buzzing noise, looked around and spotted a passing hang-glider. What a wonderful thing to be doing at sunset! It’s 9:18am on Saturday morning and today is all about drilling holes in walls. Best get started…

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