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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and right now it is pretty much our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Posts Tagged ‘Fantastic day beyond Castril’

Trip to Rio Guadelentin

Yesterday we got into our cars and took the drive out beyond Castril – firstly stopping at a Pizzeria which Maureen and I have been to before – which for reasons beyond me does NOT serve pizzas at lunchtime despite a HUGE sign outside saying “Pizzeria” – only in Spain as they say. 

the bridge

Throughout the day, temperatures were in the lower thirties and so we welcomed the water – no matter how cold – and Rio Guadelentin is COLD and mostly where we were, just knee deep.


The various waterfalls were amazing.


Despite her continued issues with the broken foot, Maureen managed with help to join us through the woods to see some stunning views.

Maureen Scargill

As this post is mostly about the beauty of the area – I’ll keep the dialog to a minimum and concentrate on the photos – suffice it to say we all had an absolutely wonderful time and will repeat this in the future.

more water

Everywhere you looked the water was different.


In some places it was perfectly, crystal clear.


And that was that, after hours of enjoying the view we headed off to the lake.

We then headed off to Embalse De La Bolera for a swim – during which I managed to swim from one side to the other – all but for 100 metres – the sun was starting to wane and the last part of the run was in shadows – I prefer my water bright so I turned around.

The lake

By the time I got back to shore (below – swam to other side all but for the shadow), everyone except Maureen had cleared off as we had a birthday celebration session that evening – the result being we got there an hour late – but at least we got there – happy birthday Les.


What a great day.