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This is Peter and Maureen Scargill's Spanish website. We live in Galera in Andalusia (for clarity, that is the English spelling - Mid-Spain they spell it Andalucia and pronounce it "And-a-loo-thee-a").

We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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No Mas Barbas

Galera HotelWhat a cracking day yesterday in Huescar and at the Orce pool -  and at the end of it the usual culprits met in the Galera Hotel for drinks as is customary on a Thursday night.

After a day that saw temperatures as high as 36c, the evening was marvellous as you’ll see from the night shot. Clear skies and easily warm enough to sit outside past midnight.

And so it was that some of us ended up at La Posa restaurant and bar and after some excruciating singing from some of the guys, Simon and I ended up agreeing to a charity shave – except the charity bit never took off, probably due to alcohol. We did try to enlist others but with Simon bursting out into singing mode every now and then I think people were too busy laughing to take anything we said seriously.

BeardlessI’m writing this first thing and I’ve just posted the pic on Facebook to ensure that Simon holds to his end of the bargain.  I’ve had the beard and moustache ever since someone pointed out to me that I bore a slight resemblance to the crook in the excellent 2011 “TinTin” movie from which point on I made sure the beard exactly matched the cartoon character!

But that is all history now, for a few days at least, it’s back to basics! My right ribs are aching again this morning -  no doubt from lifting stuff I should not – and up to now It looks like I’m the only one up and about.

Galera at night

Been catching up with emails and now the sun is up, a spot of breakfast in the Pergola before checking out Huelva for our short trip next week.

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