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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Archive for the ‘rain’ Category

And the Heavens Opened

I never thought I’d see the day… it’s not only been raining – but HAILSTONING! Last night we went off to the pizza cave with friends and it rained for a while – granted we have to keep this in perspective – raining at 28c is NOT the same as miserable cold England. When it stopped – you could tell there was still moisture in the air, we were not out of the water after a completely rain-free summer.

eveningToday got off to a great start, by mid-day it was probably 32c – by the time I surfaced, neighbour Dave was well into painting everything in sight and so feeling guilty I joined in with my pot of cement. He’s done some nice paintwork on the walls outside and I got started doing post repairs, It was all looking spiffy by mid-day.  We’d just finished the posts and we popped into our respective houses for lunch when there was the most horrendous racket as the skies opened up…


Hailstones – the kind that stott off cars and fly all over the place and make a horrendous racket. By late afternoon this turned into torrential rain – still around 25c but the water was absolutely pouring off the roof and now.. it’s stopped.

Got a drinks and tapas engagement tonight downtown and we’ve no idea if that’s still on – can’t get email – and the Baza market in in the morning at Baza if they’ve not cancelled it – everything’s a bit damp but already there is a tiny amount of sun down in the village, though not out here.

No Internet – Dave thinks they’ll have turned the WIFI mast off in the village in case of lightning strike – and that’s not a bad theory – my internal networks are fine in here but there’s no outside connection which is a shame as I’d just signed up for a new web hosting service when the connection went dead – it’s like giving someone a large ice-cream then sowing their mouth up just as they’re about to take the first bite.