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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Bringing in the New Year at Bedrock: What are YOU doing this New Year’s Eve?

A quiet New Year’s Eve: An interesting day, we went out shopping and then I spent the afternoon updating the computer equipment and software. Had a visit from our friendly local builder and as usual exchanged stories with local Brits taking their dogs for a walk. Considering we’re up in the middle of no-where there’s plenty going on. The rumours proved correct – pubs are now closed until midnight tonight (NYE) here in Spain! But as we’ve several bottles of wine, chocolates and enough raw materials to make a couple of decent pizzas we’re going to be just fine. Waiting for the neighbours to realise the pubs are closed and I would not be surprised if we get a knock on the door!

New webcam setup: On the left you can see the teatime image taken by my new webcam setup – new software, newer, faster PC – hopefully this time it’ll keep working for a couple of months before we’re back. Popped out tonight to get supplies and we were pleasantly surprised by the street lighting in nearby Huescar. It’s cold up here in the mountains but by the look for the forecast, nothing compared to the conditions back in the UK.

Cold but not THAT cold: It’s 8pm here and the temperature is around 7 degrees, JUST warm enough to put up some rope light as you’ll see in the image below. On our way back from the shops (way up in the far left of the webcam image above) you can see our blue light clearly so by now I’d imagine we’re the brightest thing on the horizon! Got the Cava ready and Maureen has the DVD working so we can catch a movie!

Early flight: Up early tomorrow as we’re on the plane mid-morning. Can’t say as I’m particularly looking forward to going back to rainy old Britain but we’ve only a couple of months to go before we’re back here – at which point I reckon it’ll be a wire brush and a pot of paint for me!

ps4 For anyone looking in and particular for our friends – a very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL – here’s hoping the weather forecasts are slightly pessimistic! (Update 8am New year’s day… we’re off!)


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One Response to “Bringing in the New Year at Bedrock: What are YOU doing this New Year’s Eve?”

  • nibby:

    We were there at new year as well and had 2 couples from edinburgh to ‘first foot’ the cave all in all a lovely evening. The girls set up loadsa snacks and my mate Archie brough out a smashing whisky. One of the best new years I have had in a long time, good company good food and peace and tranquility. Maybe next year we will hear the bells as the tower will be finished at the church.