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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Another successful paint job – electricity and TV charges

Master Bedroom

Another cement and painting masterpiece done and dusted – main bedroom is back in action. Next… complete outside walls to restore to original showroom shine.

All lighting is of course compact fluorescent but note the different colour…. the soft white are from Carrefour – the blue-ish white (actually cold white) are from the cheap Chinese store.

Meanwhile the TV is fixed (that’s a mirror in the picture) but we’re convinced the engineer over-egged the price. Granted he arrived on time and fixed the problem but you’ve never seen a more miserable type in your life. To cut a long story short, he charged (excluding labour) £80 for a replacement LNB. Now, I know people have to make a profit but UK LNBs are under 10 quid (single)!!!  But then this seems to be the way, our builder is currently trying to extract electricity charges out of us that are three times my meter calculations – and that’s based on a very generous 20cents per KW/h – as that’s what some others are paying – yet if you look at typical costs in Europe on the web, electricity costs for Spain of only MARGINALLY higher than the UK seem to be the norm. I can’t seem to get a clear idea of what the price SHOULD be and everyone has a different opinion. This site suggests Spanish electricity prices on average are around 10% (if that) higher than the UK. If you’ve any experience of this please do comment…

A nice walk to finish off the day and I’m checking emails for a while before an early night… for tomorrow we paint – and swim.

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