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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A funny old week

Actually it has been a funny old week. I’ve been walking around on and off like a zombie since Brexit – feeling homicidal for what is being imposed on half the nation. I am however feeling slightly better having seen Jeremy Corbyn given a massive vote of no confidence.

Meanwhile, Maureen and I headed off to Baza and the lake yesterday (I don’t have any pics as my phone started acting up – funnily enough just after loading ShowTime into it- right now I’m starting from scratch). Anyway we had lunch in Baza (Bar El Sevillano – half way up on the right – back one street) which was very nice. We usually go to the same place, a little bar just off the main street where they serve very ample-size sandwiches. We sat down, I ordered a tuna and tomato and Maureen ordered a ham and cheese.  5 minutes later 2 tiny tuna sandwiches arrived on a plate with some sliced tomatoes.

I wasn’t really happy about this miniature lunch but I was desperate for food and scoffed both of them just in time to see the normal sandwiches following behind – turns out that was the Tapas. I got some nasty looks from Maureen.

We headed off to the lake (the water is REALLY way down) and back home for a quiet night in – the football would have been on in the pub and neither of us has the slightest interest in that and people shouting at the TV so a glass of wine at home seemed like a better alternative.

Today, we went off for some paint to Huescar – and as a result of that we’ve just about painted the entire outside of the house and beyond – in sparkly clean white!

And in the middle of all of this – the SEUR van turned up – I could not believe my eyes – after several years they’ve finally cracked it.

And then – it rained!! Well it did for all of 10 minutes – it’s still 30c so of course 15 minutes later there was no sign of it – made the air feel nice and clean though.

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