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A Day of Plaster

What would I know – I’ve been in meetings all day, surrounded by heavy machinery!

We had the builders in today… so much in so little time …

In one day we’ve had:

  • The kitchen cupboard moved
  • A lamp repositioned
  • Radiators fitted
  • Road fixed
  • Bedroom wall fixed
  • Jacuzzi moved


The Jacuzzi re-sited (that’s including getting the concrete based done from scratch would you believe).

It all started this morning with this lot digging up my path.. on the left you’ll see the new concrete base… and two strong men breakingjacussi their backs to move the Jacuzzi… and Bob’s your uncle – one new place for the pool and one bump in the path where it USED to be – now turned into a “feature”. Here below is the finished version – and remember this WHOLE exercise started this morning…. not bad really…  so next the radiators – so much NOISE jacussipulling old stuff down and putting new stuff up – fortunately I missed the cleaning up bit – far too busy talking on Skype.

Sparkly new radiators with computerised control and blue flashing lights! What more could you want. Of course at 38 degrees radiatoroutside this might seem a little superfluous but I’ve not forgotten last winter… we’re taking no chances for our next trip back.

The road I can’t show you – but I’ve had a go at repairing a large hole in the main road with my own bare hands and lots of cement – hey, no council here to fix things! I’m waiting to see if someone’s driven over it and smashed the lot.

kitchen at BedrockFinally there is the kitchen – lots done here – the light you can hardly see has been moved up– the open cupboard (doors not on yet) re-sited, blower above the window installed, oh, note the oven hood is now white – fits in MUCH better than before, Maureen did that the other day… we now have room for the Internet radio and Skype phone on top of the Microwave – no point in wasting space….

Meanwhile I must’ve typed 100+ letters today got concrete fingers… can’t use the pool as it has to heat up a little – neighbours are over so I’m off to join Maureen for a chat with them and then I think a little wine and Tapas locally is in order… it’s been a very, very busy and productive day.


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