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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Pre-June Annual BBQ May 2017

This is neither the first nor the last BBQ of the year. No doubt we will attend (or organise) many more – but this is the last of the open-air-in-the-country BBQs – by law.  From 1st of June many BBQ areas like this are of course usable – but not for live fire (BBQ) because it gets so very hot and dry, it makes good sense not to set fire to the forests – it would not take much! The areas are totally out in the woods but with chairs, tables and BBQ areas – all you need is wood and there’s no shortage of that. Really pleasant.


After a productive morning which saw our hot tub moved and rotated so that I can re-do the wiring on it tomorrow, we headed off out of the back of Huescar to a secluded area with several friends for a very nice afternoon together with lots of food and drink. Despite clouds on the horizon it was sunny for most of the afternoon and warm for all of it.


Above we see our friend Adrian getting one of two nearby BBQs warmed up.

You may wonder why (mainly) people are missing from the pictures – well, I took several photos of everyone at the table and in every case, as happens in photography, someone was pulling a face so I decided to play safe.

streamThere were ten of us today and we had a great time today.

The area is I think either at or near Area Recreativa Puente Tablas and is nearer Puebla De La Don Fadrique than Huescar but I would not have a clue how to get there in the opposite direction.

The venue was half an hour out of the top end of Huescar along a scenic, winding country road called the Carretera de las Santas and we’ve been to the area before, often at the same time of year.

We arrived in three separate cars with more food than could possibly be consumed by that number of people – but hey – we tried.

Around the area there’s a nice stream with the clearest water you can imagine. I spotted the odd fish struggling to work their way upstream but they were only little tiddlers.

Teatime came and we went our separate ways with the memory of a pleasant day out.

No doubt we’ll do the same next year. Smashing.

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