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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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The annual Wine Tasting Expedition

Town Centre GaleraLast year we starting mid-afternoon (as I recall) visiting various wine production facilities in and around Galera, tasting the wines and learning about wine production in the area – a very ancient tradition.

This year started somewhat later. On Thursday June 16, 2016 we started off at 5pm in the middle of the village – stopping at 2 facilities in the village before heading off out of town and then coming back on to our final stop as we learned all about local produce.

When I say “we” – seven Tapas and drinksof us walked down to the village together and met up with others, some of whom we’d not spent time with before, in the town square –  maybe 20 or more people in total – a very friendly bunch.

The atmosphere throughout the night was good and for the most part, the wine was good – though I’m not a great RED drinker.  The award-winning sparkling white wine, of course, was excellent.  I should stress this is LOCAL stuff made in and around the village and some of it is world class.

We started off in the local museum as we learned how wine has most likely been in production in the area for up to 4,000 years before moving on to actual wine production facilities. In the basements we saw both ancient and modern wine production equipment – as you can imagine much of it is made in stainless tanks today at surprisingly cool temperatures.

folk enjoying the talk

On the way we tasted red, white, rose and sparkling wines from the area as well as a decent set of tapas – all for 18 euros a head.

Galera wine

wine production

At the end of all of this, some of us ended up in the local bar (La Posa) until the early hours of the morning and so yesterday was a very quiet day…

Suitably added to the June 2016 Flickr album.

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