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Unhappy Wednesdays and SEUR

Wednesday morning, somewhat after the post-lady successfully delivered post as she always does, Fedex van arrived to deliver a parcel of components from SEEED Studio for me – as Fedex always do – after all, that’s what these people do, right?

Sadly I have to add another company to the list of clowns (DRP and MRW) who seem unable to do their job ). DPD. You’ll have seen their ads, big international company. Well, it seems on Friday they attempted to deliver a parcel for me (for which I paid several Euros postage) and failed. They were given my number by the supplier but never attempted to contact me. I looked up the tracking number and it was to be delivered today. But no, this morning the tracking number had changed to tomorrow. No calls, no emails, no apologies.

I tried to contact the company who make it as difficult as possible to contact them – no response – and so eventually I went to their social media, determined to cause havoc if necessary. A very helpful chap responded in English and asked me for the tracking number. I gave it to him and he could not find it – he suggested I ring the Spanish people. I did and they checked the tracking number – they could not find it and suggested I ring the local Granada number. I did that and the lady found the tracking number no problem and that’s when I found out they attempted delivery last Friday.

Worthless tracking infoShe told me they’ll deliver THIS Friday. I complained that the tracking service promised Wednesday (after being several days late anyway) then Thursday. This had no effect on her whatsoever. She said her partner would deliver Friday – that says to me that this whole thing has been handed down to a 2-person operation. All that organisational power reduced to nothing at the end.  I was expected to wait in Wednesday, then Thursday – and now Friday – their tracking system is not worth a LIGHT.

Friday June 3 2016 update: Not looking good – I just had a message from the DPS in the Netherlands – it turns out they have a “partner” organisation in Spain (read that as “they palm it off to someone else”) – a company I’ve so far managed to avoid – SEUR. I heard lots of stories about them when we first came here – having immense difficulty delivering anywhere but the local bar! By mid-afternoon the parcel (which started in the van at 10am this morning) had still not arrived. As it happens Maureen was shopping in town later in the afternoon and spotted the van and grabbed the parcel. Had she not done that – I would not have the goods.

Tuesday June 7 2016 update: Today Maureen was expecting a parcel – the tracking note said 6pm to 7pm – guess who got the job of delivering it – SEUR – guess what happened – it did not arrive. It would not surprise me if it’s in the pub!

Friday August 12 2016 Update: Of course it was in the pub and SEUR continue this tradition, despite writing to them several times with at least some form of response. The last package they wanted to deliver to Spanish Inland Properties between 9:30 and 10:30pm. Now bear in mind that Seur just have a very small office, I write in English and Spanish to tell them that no way would Spanish Inland actually be open at that time of night – and NOT to deliver to the pub. Guess where they delivered the package – to the pub.

Wednesday September 13 2017 Update:  For over a year I’ve managed to avoid SEUR – and have been happily receiving packages from various companies and from all over the world – delivered directly here without problem almost on a daily basis – not left in the pub or sent to the wrong town – delivered HERE.  Last week having had issues with a Chinese company wanting me to send credit card detail confirmation via email, I placed an order with Amazon – for guaranteed delivery on Monday gone.  Well, the package didn’t turn up and guess who they have doing the delivery – SEUR.  Next thing we received a communication from Seur to say that the parcel would be delivered between 8pm and 9pm on Tuesday (yesterday). We sat in the pergola enjoying the fine weather (thankfully we didn’t have plans for that period, we often do). Nothing. We were in all night… nothing. Today they sent an email to say the goods could not be delivered last night (no reason given) but would be delivererd today (without a time given).

This company have to be the lousiest excuse for a delivery company on the PLANET. I wonder if today will follow in the tradition of this blog title?