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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Excellent August in Andalucía

setupAnd what an August it is turning out to be – temperatures in the mid-30s, superbly warm evenings and lots of late-night entertainment in Galera.

Throughput most of August there is always something going on in the area and this time of the month the focus is on Galera town square including some excellent fireworks at the weekend.

At this point a reminder that you can click on any of these images to see larger versions – and if that doesn’t work – do let me know.

Galera squareLast night after a very productive day in which I finally resolved some severe issues with my home control setup, just in time for my pal to come visit us tomorrow wherein we plan to take a look at OpenHab, we had friends visit us briefly at the cave (which now sports a really neat hallway water feature).. and later we headed off down to the town, met up with friends Len and Christine for a quick beer ( don’t know about anyone else but after the first beer I really do not like that new crap that La Posa is serving up – Alhambra is much better) before heading off to the town square in anticipation of a late evening of entertainment.

bandWe certainly were not disappointed as you can see from the pictures, firstly we met up with friends (and new friends) in the village and as usual, solved all of the world’s problems over beer and wine. Sadly one couple are heading off today but we hope to visit them later this year in the UK which will be nice. Later on the entertainment started and we enjoyed that for some time before heading off to the Kebab van – I should stress that the Kebabs here are slightly different to those  in the UK, being based more on chicken than anything else  -but non-the-less – very satisfying.

more band in GaleraThis morning I’ve been working on wiring – and filling in holes (caused by my wiring) and this afternoon after doing a little more rawlplug-drilling I’m planning some work on the home controller now that I can actually do something with it as against trying to solve radio problems. 

Watering system automation which is based on a washing machine valve and some control electronics of my own is working a treat now we have the right piping.

Right – back to the grind – my good lady wants some holes drilling in the wall – just what you want to be doing when it’s 35c outside! Tomorrow some travel – I’m looking forward to getting some neat new technology which I’ll write about soon.