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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Day by the Sea

Castle at Velez-BlancoAfter spending Wednesday largely working (as I am today), we went off in search of sea and sun yesterday, starting our trip here in Galera with a visit to the post office and then heading off down through Maria to Velez-Blanco to visit the old castle.

Castle at Velez-BlancoThe castle has had quite a lot of re-building done on it so it’s not just an old ruin. Well worth a look and free, just drive straight up and into the entrance.

Once we’d had a good look around we then went off down through Velez-Rubio and onto the motorway.

Castle at Velez-Blanco

After maybe an hour, we arrived at VERA (down on the coast) at the PLAYAS at lunchtime and had a nice lunch by the beach, temperature was fine at around 33c but as the sea was a little choppy and I have memories of being bashed all over the rocks down there, we skipped swimming there and then headed off down to Garucha for a little sunbathing (no showers on beach – bad idea) before finally getting to Mojacar (showers on beach, good idea) late afternoon. By then we were running short of time but managed to find a superb hardware store and made the decision that we need to give the place a couple of days.

GaruchaAfter driving along the sea front looking for suitable hotels and restaurants for a while and generally checking the place out (Mojacar is very touristy but non-the-less looks well worth a stay and the beaches look nice) we headed off to Lorca to pick up a printer at the big shopping centre there.

MojacarWe settled on an Epson – cheap printer, expensive supplies but the supplies on Ebay were among the least expensive of the lot, totalling £5 for a complete replacement set of black and 3 colours. As we only infrequently use the printer over here that made a lot of sense. It’s all installed and working – and not that bad, really!

By the time we got home and got the printer working it was really too late to go down and join the G7 at the pub and so an early night.

Today as well as doing various work duties and answering a ton of emails,  I need to get some more cement on the driveway gateposts to finish off that job after some pretty poor work by our original British builder who put the gateposts together originally. Still, it’s important to have a challenge.