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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Midsummer madness

midsummerThe last few days has seen the start of mid-summer madness here in Galera – with people staying out until 7am in the morning! I may add I think the latest we’ve done is 2pm. This weekend we had the fireworks – and lovely they were too. We went down to Manolos bar at around 10pm or so and sat and chatted with friends – most of the guys had gone off to a party in the town but we were not in a late partying mood. We watched the fireworks go off at midnight on the bridge, walked into town where there were all sorts of things going on, crabbed a kebab each (wonderful they were, too) and headed off for an early night. As usual the neighbourhood dogs were competing to see who could bark the loudest… I wonder if people think about that when they get dogs – how annoying they can be for others.

grasshopperAnyway, that aside a great night. Yesterday (Sunday we did very little other than lunch out in Cullar at Pacos where we met friend Brian – then headed off to the Cullar pool which I have to say was wonderful – we usually head off to the Baza market on Sunday but we gave this one a break.  Our new neighbours are back and last night we were treated to a night-time demo of their quad-copter – what a wonderful machine – my hand creeps toward my wallet every time I see it. I think they went off to Lake Negratin with it and I’m dying to see aerial photos.

Today we went off to Baza to buy a new water feature for the hallway – it’s a winner – and to get some supplies as we have friends coming over later this week. We came back and I’d planned to get some work done when…. the power went off. We’ve not had a power cut like this for years. Thankfully we had a dinner date with friends Debbie and John – and so we spent the evening at their place – and a great evening it was – returned to discover a new camera mode I’d not spotted before – hence the night-time shots. 

Working on a new variation of my little radio control boards – something that might just solve my range problems but for now – time to give up for the evening.