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Sex, lies and Video Tape

tmp11CHave I lost it with this title? No I just figured I’d see what effect an evocative title has on the search engines! Hah! Probably none!

Today’s been an interesting day. Started the day with lots of clouds and a bunch of emails that I could have done well without – including a short series which proved that email is not the be-all and end-all. Somehow no matter how many “emoticons” or other tools you use in email it is always possible for the most gross mis-understandings to occur because of the lack of personal contact. Sometimes a phone call achieves a lot more.

Anyway, that aside, the plan was to go get some more paint and PVA (to prepare tmp11Dstone surfaces like external wind-damaged walls for paint) and to enjoy the sun – simple plan. The first problem was lack of sun – which was soon resolved as what started as a horribly cloudy day changed miraculously into a full blown sunny afternoon. We got the paint but PVA – well, you’d think we were looking for gold-dust. After a discussion with the guys who come to look after our place over here in our absence, we now have a new “Ferreteria” – i.e. hardware store to check out tomorrow – as well as a new pizza place and the “Star Trek bar” in Huescar.

tmp11FOh, while I’m on – a fuel update – fuel is STILL cheaper here in Spain – this is one of our local garages – nowhere near the cheapest but one which happened to be at the same place as my camera and I.  Diesel at 0.90 Euros… even with the current abysmal transfer rate that’s still a lot cheaper than we’re paying.

Meanwhile back at the cave, after discovering that the webcam was damaged in the winter weather (minus 10 and horrendous gales) I brought along a replacement camera only to discover the laptop fan is making weird noises – presumably due to a combination of age and concrete dust.  Still working on that one but I’m thinking the cost of an EEE PC laptop is probably cheaper than a repair.

tmp124We’re having a night in – now we have the place up to comfortable temperatures… and Maureen is enjoying catching up with TV while I’m updating the blog – though as someone who has been using hard disk recorders for years and in recent years the Sky+ package where I can record everything and watch on demand – sans adverts, I’m having immense difficulty with the idea of watching adverts… I just want to skip over them as usual but of course I can’t without the more modern SKY box. I really CANNOT handle the muscular tmp126idiot selling car insurance…or the constant repetitious adverts for people who’ve recently had an accident and actually believe it was someone else’s fault (sorry to international readers, that’ll mean nothing to you).

Anyway I’ve put in here some photos I’ve taken through the day, hope you find them interesting… I’ve always been drawn to posters – never understood what the British government has against giant posters – as you might see almost anywhere in Europe or America and so I always tmp128take every opportunity to photograph the more interesting ones. The images you see above are part of a larger image along the roadside in Huescar – absolutely excellent art. Ok so the female covers the “sex” part of the title of this blog entry… I just need to work on the “lies and videotape” bit.

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