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This is Peter and Maureen Scargill's Spanish website. We live in Galera in Andalusia (for clarity, that is the English spelling - Mid-Spain they spell it Andalucia and pronounce it "And-a-loo-thee-a").

We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Lovely Summer Day at the Crowded Spanish Coast

Well it is holiday season after all and we’ve had a quiet day at the beach just south of Aquillas (south of Spain).

Beach Panorama

Of course at this time of year there’s no such thing as a secluded area but we had a nice time regardless at La Carolina, one of several short stretches of beach surrounded by mountainous rock.

Playa La Carolina

We spent the day simply idling on the beach with the odd dip in the water. Rather choppy so next week Aquillas itself as it has a nice sheltered cove.

Playa La Carolina

Makes a break from constantly DOING stuff. We’ve just returned from a trip to the UK to visit friends and a spot of maintenance. Back here in Spain, not much happening on the new gadget front as many companies are on holiday right now – and just a few minor repairs to do around the house, so what better when it’s too hot to do outside work than cooling off in the sea.

Map of our trip

Hottest July on Record Except in Northumberland

To escape the heat in Galera (fine until July but then particularly hot – see photo below) we decided to go to the UK for the back-end of July and early August while, simultaneously, UK friends of ours stay at the cave.

End of July 2023 weather in Galera - HOT

While it’s not COLD in Bellingham (Northumberland), it IS drizzling a lot as usual. Hence instead of sitting outside enjoying the weather, I’m sitting in here while Maureen is coffeeing with a friend.

End of July 2023 weather in Northumberland - sunny mornings, miserable otherwise

Spending a lot of time in bars and restaurants here is out of the question, thanks to Covid and Brexit which together with rampant opportunism have jacked up UK prices far more, I suspect than those who spend all their time here realise.

Mid-2023 Greggs Steak Bake pricing - utter rip off

I’ve seen prices well over double what they were just a couple of years ago and… well, a tale for another day.

The house here is quite new for us and I’m making good headway toward getting the electrical basics up and running. Got dehumidifiers sorted, temperature monitoring and broadband in-hand and more – but will a long way to go and I only have another 12 days. Wish me luck

Summer is Upon Us – Sort Of

After more torrential rain then a couple of days of calm in Galera this week gone, Maureen and I headed off down to Nerja at Spain’s south coast – a lovely area we’ve been to several times – but with a twist.

Cobra at the Pahuna Nepalese Kitchen

The day we arrived, we walked down to the coast from our apartment just up the hill. Luckily we were positioned right next to the usual bars and restaurants at the beach and so for our first dinner – a nice little Indian restaurant in which you could sit outside and watch the tourists and the beach.

The restaurant was lovely, not very expensive and the only let-down was the British who tend to get loud on holiday – well, a certain sector of the Brits anyway.

Our apartment was comfortable – breakfast included – Carmen Rooms if anyone if interested.

Recovering from the drive, we’d had a nap and so didn’t get out until fairly late.

The weather was stunning – probably around 28c in the shade, still around 25-26c in the evening.

Carmen Rooms in Nerja, just off the coast.

The photo below looks deceptively empty – an area JUST above the Balcon De Europa – a delightful shopping/restaurant area at the coast in Nerja.

And there it is, the Balcon De Europa – stunning.

Day 2 we went down to the beach and stayed there for a couple of hours (I spent most of it on my backside) and simply enjoyed the sun and the view.

After the beach we headed back to our apartment where we had a pool to soak in – effectively private as we were the only ones using it before having a nap then heading off to a different part of Nerja (West end) for dinner – again at the sea front but this time a little more up-market – no screaming kids – very civilised.

Bar/restaurant on the seafront in Nerja.

No question about it, we’ll be heading back there again when time permits.. Same town, completely different view and feel to the place. Just a short break (2 nights) but very welcome.

That’s it for now – we came back to Galera yesterday to superb sunshine and a perfectly warm pool of our own.

Sadly today the heavens opened up again in Galera – so much for the weathermen – but no harm done and there’s a good chance of some sunshine tomorrow – anyway it’s still warm enough to sit around in a t-shirt.

Come to Spain for the Sunshine, Didn’t they Say?

Despite a GREAT start to the year with constant sunshine, we’re currently suffering thunderstorms and heavy overnight rain. Having said that, it is warm now (May ’23) and most mornings have seen some sunshine. This morning I received some new solar lights to review and I gave them a great charge in the sun before the weather finally went downhill.

Of course, not everyone is hating the rain – farmers will be loving it and to be fair, our favourite lake has been suffering from too many sunny days (and a leak).

Take a look in the photo below, that grassy plain in the middle of the photo was a lake only a few short years ago.


The weather has of course been mixed – this morning in Galera was wonderful. This afternoon it is dire (in a Spanish kind of way – it’s still 18c).

Galera at the end of May 2023 - morning

Same day as above but in the afternoon

Galera at the end of May 2023 - afternoon

Meanwhile back at the lake, the lovely restaurant by the lake side looks like a scene from post WW3. The colouring is from last year’s Calima.

Lakeside cafe - deserted and falling to bits
Lakeside cafe - deserted and falling to bits
Lakeside cafe - deserted and falling to bits

Galera Update May 2023 for Anyone Moving In

For those folk who’ve contacted me, asking questions about the area – a quick update…

Bars – the fellow who ran Bar Tutugi is, I believe a candidate for the PP party? Not gotten to grips with local politics yet due to the language barrier… but I THINK that’s a right-wing party as against PPOE – socialists.

So, Bar tutugi continues to run as normal. Meanwhile Bar Terazza has re-opened – staff all pleasant – new chef just this month. On beer and wine – wine is cheaper than Pozas, beer is more expensive. They have a new Pizza oven and the pizzas are ok.

Pizzeria La Posa is running as normal, supposedly closed on Thursday but they were open this Thursday not for the first time.

Bar El Cirilo, not been there for years, not for any special reason – closes 11pm according to Google. Bar el Cruce – still not selling wine and only bottled beer. Bar El Cazador has had a facelift.

Galera today 19/05/2023

Raining this week including right this minute – torrential right now but I expect it’ll make a big fuss then back to sunshine before the day is out.

Smelly Little Kittens and some Holiday Time

Summer wouldn’t be summer without Maureen’s maternal instincts appearing… and so, we’re fostering a brace of kittens – four to be exact – and we have them for another couple of weeks before they head off to new homes in Madrid (and we head off for a short trip to the coast).

We’re on a roll and have been since the weather started to pick up – late March we headed up to Segovia in Northern spain for a few days to check out (amongst other things) the Aqueduct and have a good nose around the city. I’m not sure ANYONE’s photos really do this massive feat of Roman engineering justice. It’s all in one piece even today.

Aqueduct of Segovia
Aqueduct at Segovia
Segovia Cathedral

Once we were done in Segovia we headed back to Galera for a few days before heading off up to Guardamar to visit friends. Very nice weather and some great food – not to mention the excellent company of our friends Sarah and Rolly.


On our return, Maureen decided we just MUST look after some kittens for a while. I’d forgotten just how much attention kittens need.

Kitten on loan

And that’s where we are right now, sitting at home looking after kittens!