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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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Archive for the ‘London’ Category

The London Trip

Peter ScargillI’m here for 3 days in sunny London… this is the trip so far.

I came down yesterday in the afternoon on the East Coast Line from Newcastle – a very productive trip as it happens, I brought all my wired and boards with me and managed to pinpoint an issue I’d been having with some home control radio units. You can’t do THAT on a plane (indeed I’ve had trouble BOARDING a plane with such equipment as they think anything with wires is a detonator).

House pf CommonsLast night was the FSB’s annual Summer Reception – in which we put a load of business people and politicians in the same room, ply them with alcohol, top it off with a speech by Vince Cable or similar and hopefully some good will come out of the conversation. Well I assume that’s the plan – not my department however that’s exactly how it went, in the Pavilion at the House of Commons would you believe. The problem was, it pissed down with rain the entire evening.

Sweet ShopHowever we did have a good time, not too many Kodak moments however. Tomorrow I have an all—day meeting but today (and to this date I’m not sure how I managed it) I had no meetings booked with ANYONE. 25c out there, super sunny – there were not too many choices… stay in, or go out… so I chose the latter. Only I did it in style.

St PaulsStarting at Victoria, I picked a random direction and started walking. As it happens I ended up at the river which I crossed and just kept heading in a straight line. past the EYE, past the Tate Modern and a lot more until eventually I noted St Paul’s over the other side of the river and crossed back over. In total including a short break for lunch, that took me 3 hours of walking.

As I sit here and write this, the blood is slowly moving back into my utterly numb feet!

Apparently I only walked 3.9 miles – seemed a lot longer than that to me and it took a hell of a lot longer than 1:20 … but Google does not lie. Here’s the walk.