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A Weekend at the Coast

El PerelloIt has been a heavy week here, the first of two on a short but interesting contract just outside of El Perello – in turn just south of Tarragona on the east coast of Spain (and the weather has been quite cool – well that’s all relative of course – boiling compared to the UK), but today the sun came back with a vengeance and so it was that I headed off for a Billy-No-Mates day along the coast.

Armed with both phone and tablets with the Villa out here in the middle of no-where set as “home” so there was NO chance of getting lost (a good idea as my phone has no signal anywhere here) I headed off down to L’Ametlla De Mar.

I had of course already visited the town at night but that’s not much fun and you can’t do much with photography – especially with a phone no matter how good it is.  So today was a treat. After a cracking bacon sandwich to start the day, I got in the car and headed off down to the coast. Having studied the area extensively on Google Maps I really had no problem and rarely had to resort to the sat-nav.

L'Ametlla De Mar

The waterfront at L’Ametlla De Mar is wonderful. I parked the car up and went up into the town. Ir took me 5 minutes to find my favourite pastime – a large Chinese store.

La Cantoniera Da MarioI spent about half an hour in there wishing I was not flying home (with the car you can just fill it full of junk) – anyway I ended up spending up at a really nice little Italian restaurant for lunch and quite predictably had a wonderful hot pizza and of course, “cafe con leche”. Staff were friendly and the food was great at La Cantoniera Da Mario (Sol, 1, L’Ametlla De Mar, Catalonia).

After lunch I went in search of beachfront – and spent a good deal of the afternoon wandering around taking pictures and just enjoying the scenery before heading off to the next town a few miles up the coast. After that I headed in the opposite direction to El Perello and down to a secluded beach there…  all in all not a bad way to spend a day.

El Perello

By then the sun was getting low in the sky and fearful of coming home in the dark I made this second adventure a tad shorter and headed off back.

Waterfront at L'Ametlla De Mar

Tonight is anyone’s guess – I’m here on my own in the villa – but with plenty to do. If tomorrow is anything like today I’m going to have a more ambitious trip – maybe up to Tarragona.

The beach


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