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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Trip to the Coast

Cartagena with Peter and Maureen Scargill

This weekend we took a trip to the coast with our neighbours and friends.  –

The trip to Cartagena with Peter and Maureen Scargill

It’s been a funny old week, not a lot happening outside but in here I’ve been having one HELL of a time with the WIFI – some kind of interference I think which I’d put down to a faulty router but as we’ve had a day with almost no issues having made minor changes, it’s looking more like some other issue (for once, not Spanish power). So I’ve spent far too long tackling that. As we left Galera  all seemed well and I would be able to keep an eye on everything on the phone – which was re-assuring.

Cartagena with Peter and Maureen Scargill

Cartagena is down near the coast and temperatures were up to 23c and sunny for at least some of the time though us second day has marred somewhat with cloud (still warm). The summer is over here in Galera, it was down to 9c in the early hours of the mornings late last week and for the first time this year we put the fire on – though only just and we’re still wandering around in light shirts.

My phone repair has held out – got a new skin and glass cover for the old Samsung S4 so it has a new lease of life. The Chinese Zopo which until this week had refused to connect to the networks, after I’d tried the SIM in the Samsung, suddenly sprung back to life – so it looks like it was the SIM not the phone – just as well as Banggood in China were quite useless – a phone merely months old and they wanted to send it back to the manufacturer. Bloody peasants.

Got the solar panel mounted properly at an angle – essential now that the sun is much lower in the sky (amazing how quickly that happens) but even then there’s a considerable drop of power – I’m monitoring battery voltage so my system can cut off the lights at night a little earlier to compensate.

So, off we went to Cartagena, first thing Friday morning, armed with cameras – within hours I lost access to the systems back home – and that control never came back. It turned out a fuse has gone in the main fusebox – to this day I don’t know what caused it – but the learning item here – with several hours of no power, the battery backup I use to power my home control kit – a standard off the shelf “uninterruptable supply”, gave up – and that’s fair enough  – but then never came back up when the power was restored – how stupid is that! So THAT’s going in the bin!

Anyway so for our first day we visited various places around the seafront – lovely.

Day 2 not so sunny – it was lovely and warm but the clouds ruined most opportunities for photography.


There were some pretty amazing ships in dock during the day and during our cruise of the coastline we still manages to get some half-decent pics.

So was Cartagena worth it? Most definitely yes and worth another trip sometime, lots to see, lots to do. Perhaps another day would have been good.


Today (Sunday will be a quiet day, I’ve some re-wiring to do.

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