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A lovely day in the country – Zujar

After recovering from this morning’s efforts, Maureen and I headed off Zujar in search of a “park natural”. Well, as often happens we got sidetracked.

Mountain just outside of Zujar

Communication towers at the very top of the mountainSee the mountain in the image above? That is the view from a “kodak moment” stop in Zujar, just outside of Baza (if you’re still not sure, upper Granada area).  You can’t see it in this image but right at the top of that mountain – there is a set of dishes…… a blow-up might help – see right.

The top of that mountain is just under a mile above sea level – and it’s BIG. So as we were driving through Zujar, for no particular reason we took a side-road – which looked like it was heading to the mountain… and kept going and going and getting narrower and narrower. About half way up the drive up the mountain, my ears started popping but by then our interest was up – we were going to take this through to conclusion…..

And so we did.. approaching the top the scenery was stunning not to mention the distance DOWN – but as always photos fail to capture this – here are some attempts however – including pics at the very top with the towers… Feel free to click these images to see larger versions.  I should add that these have not been touched, enhanced or colour-corrected in any way. It’s a great trip but if you are of a nervous disposition – don’t try it – some parts of the road which winds it’s way up the mountainside is – well, interestingly narrow with a sheer drop on at least one side!Half way up the mountain

Panorama up the mountain near Zujar

Right at the very top of the mountain

Oh and take a good look around Zujar if you’re in the area, lots of excellent houses and buildings – quite an interesting town in general. See more photos on Google.

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