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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Fine Bank Holiday

Orce Pool

After getting off to a bad start with more faulty electrical gear (I finally binned our over-the-mains Ethernet units as only one was left fully working) we popped into Huescar to get some plastic covers and then back into the village for lunch at Pizza Posa. Our first trip to Orce pool – and not a bad way to spend a bank holiday Monday (not that this has any relevance in Spain). The pool gets pretty crowded at lunchtime but by 3pm the locals have all cleared off home! It’s just a small pool, maybe 5ft deep at most but has a gravel bottom which surprisingly is kind to the feet and most importantly is full of fish including some well over 12” long and they like nothing more than chasing after anyone who is moving the gravel around, presumably because of nutrients you stir up when doing so.

Fish in Orce PoolAt first I thought the fish might put me off but in practice it’s quite a laugh when you’re the only person in the pool, having an entourage following you around. These fish unlike elsewhere have no fear of humans at all and will quite happily come right up to you if they think there is food in it for them without being in any way intimidating. At the far end of the pool is a seating area and a small ice-cream shed which is nice. About the only thing I’d say is that the pool is apparently spring-fed. Whether this is true or not I don’t know – but the water is COLD!!

Fish in the Pool outside of OrceAs it happened yesterday the air temperature was around 38 degrees C so we were quite thankful for the cool water.  After a couple of hours soaking up the sun and saying hello to a Spanish couple we met the night before, we finished off the day with another attempt at the rather under-funded but otherwise pleasant Pizza cave just outside of Huescar (referred to in an earlier blog – Fuencaliente). Once again, great pizza bases but the place really does need a little investment.

Water flowing into stream at the pool in OrceOn the way home we popped into our local bar in Galera for a quick glass of wine and a chat to fellow Brit Len and his wife, a pleasant way to round off an equally pleasant day

Today will be more of a maintenance day and up to now the sun has not appeared, it may even be a cloudy day… now there’s a turn-up for the books.. Temperatures could be as “cool” as 26 degrees! Meanwhile back home in Britain things are looking up, the next few days in Wark, Northumberland could be… well, a stunning 18 degrees… currently at 7.30am on Tuesday, it’s 5 degrees over there… how sad is that… it’s not even the end of August!

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