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We've had a home in Spain for more than 14 years and it is now our permanent base though we retain a small home in the UK.

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A Day at the Beach in Aquilas


Today we set off early to go to the beach – specifically, Aquilas! We took the pretty route via Orce, Maria, Velez Blanco and Velez Rubio, determined to get the sun first and perhaps check out these places on the return visit.

Dead Man's GulchNo pictures of the beech? Well, the camera failed – or rather the cheap Chinese battery failed – all hell will be taken out on the supplier from Ebay! On the way we ended up on a back-road – the D19 – TRULY an excuse for a road and about half way along we noted what I can only describe as dead-man’s gulch…. here’s a pic on the right – yes, that’s a goat’s head or similar on a stick – and not the only one. We got out and tried to take pics with our mobile phones tmp93but 2 rather nasty dogs appeared out of no-where to scare us off – clearly someone wanted some privacy. I’ve never been cruel to dogs… but if I could have gotten away with it…

Anyway, off we went to the beach. Aquilas has some fine beaches – not exactly up-market – but the water is shallow and warm and by the time we got there, around mid-day, there was plenty of room on the beach despite temperatures of around 32C. It was that nice I didn’t want to come out of the water once I got in.

However perhaps 3pm we set off back but decided to have a trip along the coast and ended up down in VERA and thereabouts – next time I’ll have the camera, some fabulous scenery. Well worth a trip. As we came back, we discovered that at 5pm Velez Rubio – which has a FABULOUS town centre was closed… and when we got to Velez Blanco – the castle there was just stunning as was other scenery – but our phones just can’t do this justice, so the plan is to get up in the morning and have another trip back to both towns (less than an hour away) and do them justice when the shops are open, armed with a working camera.Castle at Velez Blanco

A quiet night tonight, I can smell something like prawns on the go downstairs, we’ve bought some of those expanding silicon beads to ensure our new olive grove has water while we’re away… and that’s about all for today. Smashing day all-in.

Oh, if anyone knows what VELEZ means – let me know as we can’t find it…. the two towns must have SOME literal translation.

Tonight the moon is quite bright and so any ideas of seeing the “cloud” of our galaxy are probably out of the window now – good job I took shots the other night.

I’ve just realised – the latest Google Earth – if you hover over the sea… the WAVES move. How weird is that! Whatever next… froth on the shoreline? Bring it on!

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